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We are excited and honored to partner with you in launching the Escambia “Kids Vote, Too/Teens Vote, Too” initiative.  Our goal is to increase knowledge and awareness of our nation’s electoral process among Escambia County students.  The program offers teachers a one to two-week curriculum that meets Florida Sunshine State Standards. 

The “Kids Vote, Too/Teens Vote Too” program has at its center an interactive website for all grade levels K-12, a curriculum-based site for teachers to choose activities and discussion topics for their students, as well as a site specifically designed for parents.  The curriculum is civics-based, and geared toward deepening students’ knowledge of how democracy works in America.  It is intended to begin one or two weeks before the General Election on November 4, 2008.  The materials are made available via the website to all teachers who wish to utilize the curriculum.  How much or how little each instructor wishes to adapt to their lesson plan is entirely up to the individual teacher and how he or she wishes to use the information being provided.

Now let’s turn to the fun part.  “Kids Vote, Too/Teens Vote Too” will allow all high school level students to actively participate on Election Day.  Each student will have a chance to experience for themselves what it is like to register to vote, go to the polls, and cast a ballot.  The teacher or coordinator will receive a group of unique passwords to distribute to each student on Election Day as they arrive at the specified location to vote.  This may be the media center, computer lab, or another appropriate location chosen by the coordinator.  Voting is conducted through the program’s secure website, and is very simple for both the students and instructors. 

The results of the “KVT/TVT” election are tabulated after the polls close at the school, and will be posted on the website and released to the local media along with the actual Election Day results from the Elections Office.  Students, teachers and parents can watch and compare their results with the actual Election Day results of the Escambia County voters and the rest of the nation.

Thank you in advance for what I hope and trust will be your enthusiastic support of this exciting new program.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help further our students’ knowledge of the democratic process here in America.

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